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From Prodigal to Priest

A conversion of the heart is such a sacred experience. It demonstrates the power of the Lord to reach into a person's inner being and transform the individual into a new creation. I am fascinated by conversion stories--both from the standpoint of the human person and from the vantage point of the Lord.

As a result, I eagerly embraced the new book From Prodigal to Priest: A Journey Home to Family, Faith, and the Father's Embrace. Father Goyo Hidalgo paints an intimate portrait of his journey to a closer relationship with Christ. I found myself on the verge of tears as the winsome priest offered his testimony.

While our conversions may not be as dramatic as Father Hidalgo's, they are nonetheless critical in our walk with the Lord. In reading From Prodigal to Priest, we are reminded of the expansive nature of God's love and how the Father never gives up on us, even when we have lost our spiritual way.

Father Hidalgo's story captures the essence of grace and why it is so necessary in our lives. Read this book and you will be introduced to a tender Father who is always looking out for His children.

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