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Your Blue Flame

At this time of pandemic and panic, it can be difficult to keep hope alive. And then along comes a book that celebrates not only hope, but the spark of life within each human soul.

Your Blue Flame by Jennifer Fulwiler is the antidote to what is ailing many of us right now. Funny and sweet, poignant and provocative, this book is an absolute joy to read. It taps into our longing to make a difference in the world by means of our own talents and abilities.

The "blue flame" to which Jennifer refers is that special gift we have as individuals to increase the amount of love in the world. It may be a talent for music, for the visual arts, or for culinary crafts--it is that special something that makes you come alive and that blesses the people around you.

Jennifer uses pertinent examples from her own life to show how to find your blue flame and keep it burning. When so much of our lives is uncertain right now, the certainty of our special gifts can enable us to persevere during this challenging time.

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