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Theology of Home II

Theology of Home II: the Spiritual Art of Homemaking is a delightful work which celebrates the beauty of life on the homefront. Authors Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering have put together a sumptuous book which is perfect for holiday reading and reflection.

The book welcomes the reader with passages on subjects ranging from contemplation to community, from potential to power. It is also illustrated with a wide-ranging variety of photos which highlight the loveliness of home.

Rather than pitting home against work, the book takes a both/and approach. For instance, the authors note that a University of Virginia sociologist has found that "the happiest women are those who are home with their children but who have some kind of part-time work outside the home."

Whether you're preparing for your first child or trying to navigate life as an empty-nester, Theology of Home II offers a blueprint for making the most of your home life.

As the authors point out, "Homes that are truly lived in won't always be ones of picture-perfect curation, but rather, they can, despite some occasional chaos, express their perfection as places where the very robust and real activity of family life can belong and flourish."

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