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Welcoming the Holy Spirit with Padre Pio

When I went on a Cursillo weekend many years ago, I sat at a table dedicated to Padre Pio. As a result, he has become a patron of mine--appropriate, given my Italian heritage on my father's side.

I am all the more impressed with this great saint having read Welcoming the Holy Spirit with Padre Pio.. Author Susan De Bartoli does a tremendous job showcasing the influence of the Holy Spirit on Padre Pio's magnificent life. I was immediately drawn in to the 20th century saint's world, which included incredible physical and emotional suffering.

I could not help but to be moved by this gifted priest's experience with the stigmata, the wounds of Christ. He bore such suffering with grace and valor and provided an example of perseverance which we are all called to emulate.

De Bartoli's work contains powerful reflections which inspire great personal introspection. I found myself drawing closer not only to Padre Pio but also to the Lord Himself as a result of these thoughtful guides.

In sum, Welcoming the Holy Spirit with Padre Pio is a phenomenal gift, not only for the faithful, but for those curious about the Catholic faith. It would be a welcomed addition to any spiritual home library.

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