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The Power of Forgiveness--A Review

Whether it's a reality TV star who refuses to forgive over the latest tiff with a co-star, or our own hesitance to forgive a disagreeable co-worker, our nation seems to be suffering from a forgiveness deficit. The sentence, "I'll never forgive her" is ever-present in cyberspace, in our offices, and in our living rooms.

What is sorely needed is a forgiveness revolution. Author Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur offers a roadmap to that revolution of tenderness in her user-friendly book, The Power of Forgiveness.

This soul-stirring devotional offers plenty of "whys" to forgive, along with a host of saintly forgiveness mentors such as St. Maria Goretti and Pope St. John Paul II. She even delves into the delicate territory of forgiving God and self.

The Power of Forgiveness is a wonderful resource for your daily prayer time. The book lends itself to being digested one entry a day, but you could also read it in one sitting and derive great benefit from it.

The work offers helpful scriptural verses, meditations, prayers, and reflection questions to help guide us through the difficult task of forgiving those who have committed wrongs against us.

The Power of Forgiveness is a powerful book that deserves five stars for its tender treatment of a most soul-wrenching subject.

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