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The Handy Little Guide to the Holy Spirit

The Handy Little Guide to the Holy Spirit is the latest installment in the series of Catholic "Handy Little Guide" books--the others focusing on Adoration and Confession.

The book is sorely needed--so many people have a fuzzy idea of the Holy Spirit and what this Person of the Blessed Trinity means to them. Short, succinct, yet powerful, this guide offers a primer on the Holy Spirit for the typical Catholic in the pew.

The author, Michelle Jones Schroeder, writes in a highly relatable way and provides a number of examples from her own life that help to make her points. Because the book is so small, it can easily be read during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

If you have a hunger to get to know the Holy Spirit better, this is the perfect book for you. Once you read it, you may be inspired to call upon the Holy Spirit often in the course of your day.

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