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Shining in Spotless Splendor

Every so often, a book comes along which opens my eyes to certain truths which have a profound influence on my life.

Shining in Spotless Splendor: Consecration to the Immaculate Conception is one of those books.

The author, Fr. Thadaeus Lancton, MIC, is a gifted spiritual writer. He has created a resource that leads readers on a 40-day journey to a better understanding of the Blessed Mother.

Fr. Lancton also performs an important service to readers by posing thought-provoking questions aimed at getting to the heart of spiritual life. I found that pondering such questions has led me to some critical soul-searching and much-needed self-evaluation.

I offer my highest recommendation for Shining in Spotless Splendor--a life-changing work which can open your mind and heart to all the goodness Mary offers.

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