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Sharing the Gospel with Children

From the moment of a child's conception, mothers and fathers may find themselves dreaming about their son or daughter's future. Part of that dream may be that the child will come to know the incredible, never-ending love of God.

But how can we best impart Jesus' message to our offspring? One especially effective way is to share books with them that illuminate the Gospels in a child-friendly way.

The Gospel of Mark for Little Ones fulfills this task in an engaging way. Author Sara Beth Meyer and illustrator Allison Hsu have created a miniature masterpiece that tells the story of Christ in a manner that will mesmerize the younger generation. From the Baptism of Jesus to His Resurrection from the dead, this storybook brings to life Mark's Gospel for young readers.

The book is an absolute joy to read and would be a worthwhile addition to any family book shelf.

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