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Road Map to Heaven

Road Map to Heaven: A Catholic Plan of Life by Fr. Ed Broom is a highly challenging, but ultimately very rewarding, work. Fr. Broom spends the first part of the book talking about how to best use your time to grow closer to God. I have been especially edified by his recommendation of saying a Hail Mary at the beginning of each hour. While the practice may seem a little obsessive, it does help to sanctify your time for God.

The second section of the book deals with using your vocation to come closer to your Heavenly Father. The author offers many holy tips and tricks to make that happen. He also advises sharing your plan of life with a spiritual director who can help to guide you in your walk with Christ.

I foresee turning to Road Map to Heaven again and again for inspiration and ideas. It's the type of book that should have a place of honor on the Catholic family book shelf!

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