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Rediscover the Saints

Rediscover the Saints by acclaimed Catholic author Matthew Kelly is a down-to-earth work which offers fascinating reflections on holy men and women from history. Kelly has a special gift that allows him to converse intimately with his readers, drawing them into a world of possibility and promise. Whether he is expounding on the conversion of St. Augustine or the simple beauty of St. Therese of Lisieux's life, Kelly brilliantly conveys the exemplary qualities of the saints that we should all try to emulate. Kelly writes of the saints as if they are close friends, helping to guide him through the trials and tribulations of life.

As Kelly deftly writes:

"When we have the courage to collaborate with God and pursue our truest self, he lights a fire within us that is so bright and warm, it keeps shining long after our days on this earth have come to an end. The lives of the saints have captivated the people of every age for this very reason."

In rediscovering the saints, we can rediscover the best part of ourselves.

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