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Preparing for Christmas with Padre Pio

During his life, Padre Pio was a modern day miracle-worker. His reputation as a spiritual guide was legendary and attracted international attention.

Because he lived in the 20th century, he can seem especially accessible to people of our day. I believe that is part of the reason that the new book Welcoming the Christ Child with Padre Pio is such a delight.

Author Susan DeBartoli has crafted a work that makes the words and experiences of Padre Pio come alive for the reader. The daily reflections for Advent include quotations from the saint as well as stories from his incredible life. DeBartoli also expertly weaves in selections from Scripture, reflections, and prayers that help guide the reader through the all-important spiritual season before Christmas.

As DeBartoli writes, "In the heart of Padre Pio, every day was a kind of Advent. His simple, prayerful joy was rooted in the hope that he would one day be with Jesus and Mary in paradise. It was a hope that stayed with him no matter how much he suffered."

Consider adding this insightful book to your home library. The blessed season of Christmas is likely to appear even brighter and more spectacular with Padre Pio by your side!

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12. Sept. 2022

I think with the movie coming out, this is going to be the year of Padre Pio! This looks like a great Advent companion.

Gefällt mir
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