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Our Friend Faustina

Our Friend Faustina: Life Lessons in Divine Mercy is a truly exquisite book for the spiritual journey. The work contains the reflections of a number of women who have found in St. Faustina a great friend and companion.

As the introduction notes, St. Pope John Paul II described St. Faustina as a "gift of God to our time."

Many miracles have been attributed to St. Faustina. It is so inspiring to read about the mini-miracles that have helped the authors find peace and comfort.

The book also highlights St. Faustina's devotion to Mary, the mother of Jesus. As the great saint wrote in her famous diary, "I have been living under the virginal cloak of the Mother of God. She has been guarding me and instructing me. I am quite at peace, close to her Immaculate Heart. Because I am so weak and inexperienced, I nestle like a little child close to her heart."

Our Friend Faustina also includes poignant questions for study and discussion. As a result, it is the perfect book for a women's book club or study group.

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