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No Such Thing as Ordinary

No Such Thing as Ordinary: Unlocking Your Extraordinary Life Through Everyday Encounters with Jesus is an exquisitely-written book that serves as a trustworthy spiritual companion.

Author Rachel Balducci weaves together personal anecdotes to create a work which illuminates the beauty of a journey with Jesus. She explores the God-sized hole which exists in every human heart and how it can be filled only through a personal encounter with the Lord.

Invoking the example from Scripture of the woman at the well, Balducci shows how we thirst for the living water that God provides. We are satiated when we meet Him in the ordinary circumstances of our lives.

Balducci is a gifted writer who has poured her soul into this spiritual work. She also offers great hope to readers everywhere. As she eloquently states, "We were made for more than our dreams. We were created to aim for far more--for going after a happiness and freedom that can only come from a deep union with God."

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