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Some books are highly revelatory, revealing truths that might appear obvious, but that the reader has somehow overlooked up to this point.

I found that to be true with Mysterion: The Revelatory Power of the Sacramental Worldview by Father Harrison Ayre. In this seminal work, Father Ayre demonstrates how grace-filled our lives can become once we adopt a sacramental view of life.

I found the chapter on the Blessed Mother to be the most helpful in establishing the connection between the way we view the world and our life in Christ. Mary points the way to her Son through her receptivity to His message and to His love. By pondering life as Mary did, we can grow closer to our brother Jesus, our Father in heaven, and the Holy Spirit.

If you are seeking spiritual enrichment, check out Mysterion. It is a truly beautiful book which will lead you to a more fulfilling relationship with God.

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