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Love in Recovery

Addiction is a problem that has deep roots in our countries and in many of our families. It can be easy to become discouraged when facing substance abuse--or when seeing someone we love struggle with it.

But what about when the "substance" is a video or visual imagery? How can we deal with it then?

Love in Recovery: One Woman's Story of Breaking Free from Shame and Healing from Pornography Addiction is a fascinating read. Author Rachael Killackey has done an incredible job of exploring the root causes of this addiction, which is often hidden from view.

Killackey offers the possibility of healing and hope to those mired in an addiction which touches so many lives. Her honest depiction of her personal struggles is both refreshing and powerful.

The author has created a work which is one of the best I have ever read on the issue of recovery. She is to be commended for taking on a tough subject and revealing the enlightenment and freedom that can result by walking with Christ.

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