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Living More by Spending Less

In these times of great financial uncertainty, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by family finances.

Then along come Sam and Rob Fatzinger with some precious words of advice to soothe your soul and improve your money-saving ways.

The authors have written an incredible resource in A Catholic Guide to Spending Less and Living More: Advice from a Debt-Free Family of 16.

The title certainly grabs the reader's attention, but it is the wisdom contained within this incredible work that will likely keep you turning the pages. The Fatzingers offer a game plan for achieving financial freedom. If you are mired in debt, or just looking for a way to enhance your savings, the husband-and-wife duo have plenty of strategies to keep you motivated.

What is truly unique about this money-saving guide is the manner in which it incorporates spiritual principles such as temperance, stewardship, and generosity. The authors show that, by exercising virtue, you can be released from the hardships that overspending brings.

Take a lesson from the Fatzingers and you too may find yourself living debt-free--and spiritually free as well!

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