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Let Go of Your Fear

These are trying times in which we live. Pandemics, wars, urban violence, economic troubles, and other social ills can wreak havoc on our faith.

Author Gary Zimak recognizes the fears that can grip us in the dead of night--or even during broad daylight. He has discovered the secret to surviving and thriving amidst the threat of calamity comes through a strong relationship with Christ.

Zimak has done a great service in writing Let Go of Your Fear: Choosing to Trust Jesus in Life's Stormy Times. In this pivotal work, he reminds us that Jesus is bigger than any problem we may encounter.

As Zimak writes, "You may not have been in the boat on the Sea of Galilee, but you can still learn a valuable lesson from Jesus's calming of the storm. His words can calm the storms in your life too."

Let Go of Your Fear is a guidebook for negotiating the uncertainty of life. As a result, it is one of those books you may turn to again and again whenever life seems to be reeling out of control.

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