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Jane Austen's Genius Guide to Life

My admiration for Jane Austen's Genius Guide to Life begins with the title. I have long been a fan of the author Austen, who is known best for her seminal work Pride & Prejudice. I agree that Austen is a genius, and I am quite interested in her guide to life.

Author Haley Stewart, also an admirer of Austen, has produced a work as lovely as a carriage ride through the English countryside. She begins with the brilliant premise that we can look to Austen as a life coach, helping us to navigate the social and personal challenges which confront us each day.

Stewart uses examples from Austen's novels to show us how to cultivate virtues such as humility and prudence. Her character explorations are spot-on. In her winsome way, she brings these characters to life for a modern audience.

Stewart also provides a helpful synopsis of each of Austen's books to help readers who may not be familiar with the breadth of the British novelist's works. This would be the perfect book for the Austen fan in your life!

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