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Holy Grit

It can be difficult to find a resource geared toward male spirituality. In a world that often does not appreciate masculinity and, in fact, may denigrate it, male-oriented, faith-filled books can be hard to come by.

Holy Grit: A Saintly Guide to Becoming a Man of Virtue is a rare and pleasant find. The book coaches men to overcome sin and darkness and to be renewed by the Holy Spirit. It is a greatly helpful spiritual guide for men who are looking for direction and purpose in their lives.

I was particularly struck by a passage about St. John Paul II. As author Paul George writes:

"St. John Paul II lived during a time in history when men needed a model of manliness to follow. He lived heroically, courageously, and lovingly. His life was gritty and holy. JP2 shows us that the life God calls us to live is possible. God can take us and make something great. Our mission as men is to allow God to integrate and incorporate all of him with all of ourselves."

We need men of saintly virtue in our lives. If you are a woman, consider gifting Holy Grit to the man in your life. It is a handbook for holiness which is likely to provide spiritual sustenance where it is greatly needed.

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