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History's Queen

World history devotees will appreciate the new work History's Queen: Exploring Mary's Pivotal Role from Age to Age. The book, by acclaimed author Mike Aquilina, is comprehensive, yet concise in explaining the Blessed Mother's appearances throughout the Christian era.

As Aquilina writes, "When Christians tell their story, that is where Mary always is. Theologians, historians, poets, and ordinary believers recognize that Mary's yes to God is the pivot of history.

"When Mary says yes, the world changes."

Aquilina leads the reader on a breathtaking journey from the Annunciation to Mary's appearance in Africa in the 1980s as "Our Lady of Kibeho."

Aquilina notes, "The only way Rwanda has been able to continue as a country has been to recognize that everyone has the potential for evil--but that everyone also has the potential for redemption. Our Lady of Kibeho brings both sides together and makes them one people again."

Whether one is a cradle Catholic, a convert, or just a curious observer, readers are likely to find History's Queen revelatory in terms of the different aspects of Mary's identity that are on display. It can be argued that Mary was not simply a historical figure, but a figure whose appearances influenced history throughout generations.

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