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Habits of Freedom

I believe there is a longing deep within the human heart for freedom. The trouble is, we humans often have a profound misunderstanding of what true freedom is all about.

To the rescue comes Christopher Collins, SJ, with his fine book entitled Habits of Freedom: 5 Ignatian Tools for Clearing Your Mind and Resting Daily in the Lord.

In this important work, Fr. Collins offers a prescription for what ails our spirit: leaning into the Ignatian disciplines that can provide us with real growth on a spiritual plane.

The key to a happy life may lie in developing good discernment, which Fr. Collins describes as "a way of discovering pathways that lead to greater love, to full flourishing as a person in community, and to greater freedom to live out one's vocation to love and to serve."

Fr. Collins has performed a valuable service in crafting this book. It is a vital resource for the spiritual life, helping the reader to form a greater bond with the Holy Spirit in the pursuit of a fulfilling life.

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