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Grace in Tension

Grace in Tension by Claire McGarry is a spiritual resource I am likely to return to again and again for sustenance on my journey of faith.

McGarry has created a work which enables the reader to discover peace through two important women in the life of the Church: the sisters Mary and Martha. Certainly, many women can understand the desire to attend to the duties of hospitality like Martha while leaving space to contemplate like Mary.

For instance, the author stresses the importance of creating personal boundaries in our lives. As McGarry wisely states, "When we use wise discernment in drawing them, they define and separate what matters to us from what doesn't; what we're responsible for from what we're not; what's enough to give from what's too much; what behavior we're willing to accept from what we should not; whom we let into our lives from whom we should not."

These are powerful words, written by a woman of eloquence and grace. Be sure to add Grace in Tension to your Christmas list, and consider buying a copy for a friend. You will not be disappointed!

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Nov 15, 2021

I am deeply touched and greatly honored by this review Maria! Thank you for taking the time to red my book, and very eloquently write about it. You are the gift who keeps on giving! Thank you!!!

Nov 15, 2021
Replying to

😎It was my absolute pleasure!

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