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Giving Thanks and Letting Go

Sometimes a book comes along at the exact right moment of your life. It is one of those instances a friend of mine used to refer to as "gumdrops from heaven."

Certainly, Giving Thanks and Letting Go by Danielle Bean is just such a book. This wise tome discusses situations that mothers around the world can relate to--the physical pain of labor, the emotional pain when a child grows up and leaves home, the spiritual pain of wondering where God is in the midst of crisis.

Bean has been through all these experiences and, like the good girlfriend she is, she wants to share with you the lessons she's learned. The result is a powerful book which can help deepen your relationships--both with your family and friends and with your Creator.

Bean insightfully writes, "I am so grateful that our life has not been limited to our plans." She knows that God is in charge, and she is exceedingly thankful for it. It's an important lesson for mothers at all stages of their children's lives.

Giving Thanks and Letting Go is the type of book that grabs a hold of your heart and just won't let go. It may cause you to shed a few tears, but joy will come with the morning--and the memories of all those "mother moments" that make you smile.

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