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Gather Together

Many of us are awaiting the day when the pandemic is over and we can return to socializing sans masks.

While dreaming of that day (which I hope is in the not-so-distant future), I spent an enjoyable weekend cuddled up with a book that can help make all our celebrations shine.

Gather Together: Recipes and Reflections to Inspire Faith and Friendship Around the Table is a sumptuous book, filled with mouth-watering recipes and soul-nourishing advice.

Author Catherine Fowler Sample excels at the art of hospitality, and she eagerly shares her know-how about party-planning in a most winsome way. Each chapter offers a reflection, prayer for gathering, prompts for conversation, and an array of tantalizing menu items.

Gather Together is a feast for both body and soul, and the perfect gift for the favorite host or hostess in your life.

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