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From the White House to the White Cross

I must admit--I was captivated by the title. From the White House to the White Cross: Confessions of a TV News Correspondent is a cleverly crafted journey into the life of a journalist who discovered a fervent faith along the way.

Author Peggy Stanton has waltzed with a President...had memorable encounters with movie stars...and was present for the making of the beloved film, The Sound of Music. Hers has been a life of fascinating adventures which keep the reader spellbound. Her lively, you-are-there writing style makes the reader feel as if he or she is right along with Peggy as she reports from the corridors of power and fame.

But Peggy's greatest adventure is with the Lord, who transforms her heart and her outlook on life. This is a "Story of the Soul" for the modern woman in a media-saturated age. Engaging and invigorating, From the White House to the White Cross is a testament of the power of Christ to change a life.

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