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First Belong to God

First Belong to God: On Retreat with Pope Francis is a refreshing spiritual journey with a consummate retreat master.

Inspired by the meditations of St. Ignatius, Pope Francis offers spiritual seekers an up close-and-personal visit with the Lord.

This is the type of retreat that is designed to inspire people to go forth and spread the Gospel message of love of God and love of neighbor. As Pope Francis writes:


"I see clearly that the Lord is calling us out of ourselves, to get up and walk. He asks us not to turn away from the pains and cries of our age, but to enter into them, opening channels of His grace. Each of us is that channel by virtue of our baptism. The question is to open it and keep it open."

Through this retreat, readers can discover a joy in the Lord that can sustain them in the most challenging of times.

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