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Exciting New Beginnings

After reviewing so many books on my blog, I thought I would take some time to talk about some exciting developments in my life.

First of all, I joined the podcasting world. I share co-hosting duties with the incredible Bonnie Finnerty on our podcast Positively Pro-Life! We produce the podcast in cooperation with the tremendous team at WWDB-AM Radio in Philadelphia. If you have never heard the podcast before, I invite you to take a listen.

Next, a publisher has agreed to distribute a book that I wrote during the pandemic. The book explores the idea of establishing a closer relationship with Mary, the mother of Jesus. It was a true labor of love to write and I hope that it will touch many hearts. The book may debut as early as April, so I would appreciate your prayers as this first-time author navigates the wonderful world of publishing!

Here is hoping your dreams will move from the drawing board to your daily planner in 2022!

All the best,


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