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Do You Want to Be Healed?

Do You Want to Be Healed: A 10-Day Scriptural Retreat with Jesus is a wonderful resource for those yearning for peace of soul and mind.

Author Bob Schuchts does a magnificent job guiding the reader through passages of the Bible. Pondering these passages can lead to enlightenment and a great deal of spiritual enrichment.

Whether, as a reader, you put yourself in the place of the Samaritan Woman or the Paralyzed Man, chances are you will come away from this contemplative experience with a new appreciation for Jesus and how He can revolutionize your life.

As the Introduction states:

"Do you want to be healed? This was the provocative question Jesus asked the lame man near the pool of Bethesda. It is also the probing question he puts before each one of us as we seek healing in our own lives. We may be hesitant for a myriad of reasons, but Jesus is not deterred."

If you are longing for a summer respite from the daily grind, Do You Want to Be Healed may be just the spiritual work for you!

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