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Diary of a Future Saint

Our age seems to be crying out for role models who can help to lift us up and inspire us. Author Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle profiles one such individual in her dynamic new book, Diary of a Future Saint: Faustina's Incredible Journey.

The author has composed the book in a style that is appropriate for young readers and seasoned readers alike. In addition to providing key insights into the life of Saint Faustina, the work offers important reflections, thought-provoking prayers, and challenging merciful actions for readers to undertake.

I doubt if many people know Faustina better than Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle, who is probably one of the nation's leading experts on the saint who could be called the Apostle of Divine Mercy. She has mined the treasures within St. Faustina's life and created a book that well chronicles her amazing journey to sainthood.

Whether you are unfamiliar with Faustina or a devoted follower, you will encounter in this book an engaging figure who embodies the very nature of holiness. By following her illustrious example, we too can scale the heights of sanctity and land in the Lord's loving Arms.

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