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Combating Racial Injustice

It is an evil which tears families, communities, and schools apart, an insidious scourge which leads to great suffering, even death. Racial injustice is an issue which cries out to heaven to be overcome.

And so it is altogether fitting that Ave Maria Press has decided to take on this critical topic in A White Catholic's Guide to Racism and Privilege. In this candid and powerful work, Father Daniel P. Horan, O.F.M. offers a research-rich analysis of racial injustice in both society at large and in the Catholic Church.

As Horan points out, ongoing conversion, otherwise known as metanoia, is needed to address racism in both the human heart and our nation as a whole. The author invokes the words of Pope Francis in discussing the urgency of the task ahead:

"Racism is a virus that quickly mutates and, instead of disappearing, goes into hiding, and lurks in waiting."

Thought-provoking and comprehensive, Horan's work challenges us to overcome apathy and discomfort in order to work for meaningful, lasting change.

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