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Behold: A Treasure for Advent

As an enthusiastic fan of the Abiding Together podcast, I knew that any work by co-host Sister Miriam James Heidland would be stellar.

Behold: A Guided Advent Journal for Prayer and Meditation, though, actually exceeded my high expectations. Sr. Miriam James is so gifted at leading retreats--this retreat-in-a-book certainly does not disappoint. The author leads us on a journey of discovery that helps us gain new insights into the motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary; the fatherhood of Joseph; and the childhood of Jesus.

Sr. Miriam James also personalizes the journey, encouraging her readers to delve into their own family histories. In this way, we can share our joys, struggles, and hardships with the Lord in an effort to find healing and hope.

Behold is definitely a spiritual treasure for the Advent season. It will help to prepare your heart and soul for the joy-filled arrival of the child Jesus as it draws you closer to both the Holy Family and God the Father.

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05 ต.ค. 2565

Looks like a great tool for Advent ! Thanks for linking to An Open Book.

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