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Be Restored

So many of us suffer from deep violations of our person. The pain can be overwhelming at times. As a result, untold numbers of people need healing from the sexual wounds that have been inflicted upon them by family members, acquaintances, and, in some instances, strangers.

This is why Be Restored: Healing Our Sexual Wounds Through Jesus' Merciful Love is such a treasure. The book offers a prescription for emotional and spiritual healing that is sorely needed in today's society. With sensitivity and wisdom, author Bob Schuchts provides survivors of sexual trauma a roadmap to restoration in Christ.

As Schuchts writes, "I am confident that Jesus desires to bring restoration in every area of your sexual brokenness, past or present. My continual experience as a therapist, teacher, and conference leader applying these truths assures me that he will restore you to sexual wholeness to the degree that you invest yourself in this process and actively seek his help."

Sexual wounds can keep us isolated, fearful, and distrustful. Through this powerful book, readers can find the solace and joy that come from communion with Christ. As Schuchts notes, "This is why Jesus came to earth: to restore the glory of our broken human nature."

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