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Be Bold in the Broken

Be Bold in the Broken: How I Found My Courage and Purpose in God's Unconditional Love is not only a love letter to God, but a love letter to flawed human beings who need to know the measure of God's endless affection. Author Mary E. Lenaburg lights up the page with her firecracker prose. A gifted storyteller, Lenaburg manages to connect something as relatable as a disappointing trip to the department store fitting room with God's abiding love.

Lenaburg holds up a mirror to the reader that is far more forgiving than the one in the fitting room. She shows that behind our imperfections we possess a profound beauty which the good Lord loves to celebrate.

Any woman who has been broken by life will treasure Lenaburg's insights into rebounding into the welcoming arms of God. No sin is unforgiveable, and no amount of angst on our part can deem us beyond God's love.

Lenaburg is to be commended for her willingness to be vulnerable on the written page. Her openness helps the reader to delve into those places within her own soul which need tender care and healing.

Let Lenaburg teach you that belonging to God is more important than fitting in with the crowd, and that God's love can see you through, no matter what obstacles are placed in your path.

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1 Comment

Feb 04, 2021

I'm really looking forward to reading this one! Mary's vulnerability is such a treasure, and she shares such hard-won wisdom. Thanks for linking to An Open Book!

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