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Awakening at Lourdes

Exquisitely written from a powerbase of profound pain, Awakening at Lourdes offers readers an emotionally-riveting spiritual adventure. Author Christy Wilkens deftly chronicles her rocky journey to the French town where miracles happen.

With grit and generosity, Wilkens' lays bare the suffering of her family and their quest to find relief in the healing waters of Lourdes. In revealing her own brokenness, the author invites the reader to examine her own and to seek comfort in the loving arms of Christ.

I found myself on the edge of my seat, wondering how Wilkens' pilgrimage would end. While Wilkens writes eloquently of the crosses she encounters along her path, she also offers great hope in the midst of suffering.

I believe Awakening at Lourdes is a life-changing book which will greatly help a number of people to find solace and support along their own personal Via Dolorosa.

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1 Comment

Sep 01, 2021

Hard to resist something "life-changing!" I'm interested in learning more about this one. I know a bit about the author's story.

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