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Abundant Mercy

I know I need to be more mindful of mercy--How to show it and how to gracefully receive it. That is probably why I found the little book Abundant Mercy: Family Devotions and Activities for Lent so compelling.

Author Claire McGarry is a gifted writer, and she uses her considerable talent to help families become more merciful.

This work offers a winning blend of Scripture, stories, reflections, prayers, and action items. It is definitely one of the best Lenten resources for families that I have encountered.

The examples McGarry uses in this work are highly relatable--from "The Sound of Music" to "Dora the Explorer." As a result, it will inspire and inform people of all ages.

If you are wondering what to do as a family this Lent, why not begin with reading Abundant Mercy? Chances are you will be grateful that you did.

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