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If you are a fan of Catholic podcasts, chances are you've heard Abiding Together, an exceptional program which brings together three female friends who navigate the spiritual waters with grace. One of the hosts of that fantastic podcast, Heather Khym, has written a gem of a book entitled Abide: A Pathway to Transformative Healing and Intimacy with Jesus.

This powerful work encourages readers to find healing and hope in the person of Jesus, who longs to restore us to a place of comfort and peace.

Near the beginning of the book, Khym poses the question, "What if God's promises are real?" She then writes, "What if we could truly live a life of abundance as we abide in him? What if God really is who he says he is? What if the same Jesus who healed the blind man, cleansed the leper, and raised Lazarus from the dead wants to and can perform powerful miracles that we desperately desire in our life as well?"

All of us are wounded in some way--each of us needs the divine healer to be restored. Khym has provided a helpful roadmap to that healing each of us longs for.

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