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A Lifetime of Love

A Lifetime of Love: A Game Plan for Marriage and Family Life is a true gem. Written by legendary football coach Lou Holtz, the book is an incredible guide for living out the vocation of marriage in a life-affirming way.

Holtz draws on his many decades of marriage to create a work that is inspiring, yet down-to-earth. It's the type of book you would want to give to a couple on their wedding day.

Holtz has written a book that is a treasure trove of wisdom about sacrificial love, parenting with purpose, and living a good life. It's an absolute pleasure to read and to ponder.

I cannot help but believe that Holtz's late wife Beth would be so proud of this book. As Holtz writes, "I think Beth liked the fact that I continued to recruit her for fifty-nine years. (Maybe another husband would say 'woo' or 'court', but a football coach uses the term 'recruit'!)

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