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30 Day Eucharistic Revival

One of the most anticipated events in the Church in 2024 is the Eucharistic Revival. A hunger exists within society, a yearning which only Christ can satisfy. As Catholics approach this Eucharistic year, they need a guide book which can help them to draw ever closer to the Body and Blood of Christ.

30 Day Eucharistic Revival: A Retreat with St. Peter Julian Eymard is a manual for enhancing one's devotion to the Eucharist. Seasoned author Donald H. Calloway, MIC does a splendid job communicating the great love Jesus demonstrates for us in the Sacred Host. I must admit that sometimes I doubt the love the Lord has for me. However, after reading this impressive work, my doubts have vanished, replaced by a clear confidence in the faithfulness of my Savior.

The book includes important insights from the retreat master, St. Peter Julian Eymard, whose zeal for the Blessed Sacrament is infectious. Fr. Calloway's personal reflections add critical perspective for each day's theme. The meditations also include reflection questions to ponder, a resolution for the day, and a concluding prayer.

After I embarked on this retreat, I found that I did not want it to end. That's a tribute to the author, who has composed a work that is deeply satisfying on a spiritual level. I believe that I will look upon the Eucharistic Revival with new eyes, thanks to this treasure of a book.

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