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Through Esther's Eyes

If you enjoy the hit TV show The Chosen, you will love the new historical novel, Through Esther's Eyes (Marian Press). The book, an imaginative tale filled with suspense, tells the story of a young girl who grows up in the shadow of her cousin, Jesus.

Esther is with Jesus during key incidents in His life and provides an insightful onlooker's perspective on His rise from precocious child to revered Rabbi. Author Jacqueline St. Clare writes with an eye for telling detail and an ear for intriguing dialogue.

As a reader, I found myself absorbed in Esther's story and eager to discover where the tale would end. Riveting and realistic, Through Esther's Eyes held me spellbound from the opening to the epilogue.

I have to admit, it is rare for me to find a fiction work written by a 21st century author that holds my attention. Through Esther's Eyes is that uncommon find.

Through Esther's Eyes is to be published this summer by Marian Press--I will alert you when you can order it!

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