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The Work of Our Hands

The Work of Our Hands: The Universal Gift of Creativity is a book which speaks to this truth: the fact that we all have both a creative spark as well as a divine spark, given by God. The book encourages the reader to value his or her own gifts, while also recognizing the graces in store for pursuing a closer relationship with the Almighty.

I found myself viewing creativity in a whole new light as a result of the 31 reflections the book provides. This work made me not only want to further develop my writing pursuits, but also to consider other ways to harness my creative energy.

The reflections carry a stunning beauty all their own. The prayer at the end of each reflection is carefully crafted to draw the reader closer to the ultimate Creator. The reflections also include action items which can help us enhance our relationship with God while also enabling us to embrace our talents in a whole new way.

In one reflection, author Patrice Fagnant MacArthur invites the reader to look back on his or her life. She asks, "Can you see times when God was getting you ready for something big, even though you couldn't see it coming at the time? Can you trust that God will use you when the time is right?"

This book would make the perfect gift for the creative soul in your life. Or gift it to yourself as a reminder of the creativity within your own mind!

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