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Ten Ways to Pray

Whether you are a newcomer to the spiritual journey or a seasoned traveler, chances are you have searched for alternative ways to get in touch with the Almighty. Ten Ways to Pray: A Catholic Guide for Drawing Closer to God is a trusty guidebook to take along with you on your spiritual quest.

Author Carolyn Pirtle does a masterful job of compiling ways to enhance your relationship with your Creator. She deftly explains the significance of well-known methods such as liturgical prayer and sacred Scripture, while also exploring innovative means such as "praying through beauty" and "praying with the body."

I found the case Pirtle makes to be quite compelling and feel as if I am now looking at prayer through new eyes as a result of her tutelage.

Chances are that by reading and meditating on this work, you will grow in your appreciation and love for God and neighbor. This is a book that you can turn to again and again to strengthen your relationship with the One Who loves you best!

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