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Our Not-Quite-Holy Family

Our Not-Quite-Holy Family by Mark and Melanie Hart is a true treasure. Part self-help book, part religious tome, this work is a refreshing take on how to raise children who love God and each other.

Honest to the core, the book offers some laugh-out-loud vignettes about life in a typical family struggling for holiness. It also provides timeless truths about marriage and family and the beautiful messiness that comes with learning to love together.

I was especially captivated by the Harts' recognition of the family dinner table as a kind of altar for the domestic church. The reference really transformed the way that I thought of such concepts as home and holiness.

With great humility and wisdom, the Harts offer us a playbook for parenting using a Christ-centered approach. As a result, the book is a great gift for pregnant mothers and expectant fathers.

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