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Made for Heaven

It is always beneficial for me to have a helpful book on hand for the season of Lent. While I do give alms and sacrifice, in order to fulfill the pillar of prayer I find I need a good spiritual resource.

Made for Heaven: A Guided Lenten Journal for Prayer and Meditation certainly fits the bill. Fr. Agustino Torres does a magnificent job of equipping spiritual seekers with the reflections they require for a holy, blessed Lent.

The author includes passages from Scripture, engaging meditations, insightful reflection questions, and touching prayers for each day of Lent. This daily devotional is succinct yet powerful in its meditations, making it a wonderful manual for the spiritual journey.

I would say that Made for Heaven is one of the best handbooks I have found for living out Lent in a loving, compassionate way. It deserves a place on your bookshelf!

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