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Little Spark of Life

When my daughter was a little tyke, I longed to find age-appropriate books for her about the sanctity of human life.

Thankfully, author Courtney Siebring has come to the aid of pro-life parents everywhere with her fascinating book, Little Spark of Life. This beautifully-illustrated book tells the captivating story of the development of the preborn child in a mother's womb.

The language is breathtakingly poetic, as demonstrated by these lines:

Imagine a voyager sailing the sea

weighs anchor with mooring line tied fast to me

Picture an astronaut braving deep space,

Floating, yet tethered, secured in this place.

This cord, this connection provides all she will need

To feed and to grow on, for life to proceed.

Chances are great the little ones in your life will love Little Spark of Life by Paraclete Press. I cannot wait to share it with the families I know!

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