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Let Go This Lent

Far too often in life, hurts build up to the point that it is difficult to see our way clear--not only in our relationships with family and friends, but also in our relationship with God.

This is why Messages of Letting Go for Lent 2021 is such a helpful resource. It guides readers in letting go of pain, frustration, and resentment in order to become more loving people. At a time when interpersonal conflicts can seem overwhelming, this booklet offers a path to freedom and peace.

Authors Michael White and Tom Corcoran perform an important spiritual work of mercy with this devotional. I especially appreciated this passage:

"When it comes to offenses, God wants to use them so that we become more like Jesus. He is using them to help us grow in patience, kindness, goodness, and understanding of others."

I never thought of offenses committed against me as serving as bridges to greater understanding, but this little book, with its eloquence and erudition, points the way.

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