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In Full Bloom

A delightful book written in a down-to-earth style, In Full Bloom: Finding the Grace and Grit to Thrive Wherever You're Planted (Ave Maria Press) is an engaging work which can lead to a great deal of helpful self-evaluation and spiritual breakthroughs.

Author Claire Swinarski, the creator of the "Catholic Feminist Podcast," has produced a book that is easily relatable while at the same time refreshingly challenging. Swinarski explores the "bloom where you're planted" metaphor in a new and innovative way which invites the reader to re-assess where she is along life's garden path.

From discerning one's vocation to putting down roots to planting fellowship, the writer delves deeply into the concept of enhancing one's life while growing closer to God and humankind.

Swinarksi is smart and funny and a pleasant guide for this spiritual adventure. By the time you finish reading this intriguing work, chances are you will have a better understanding of yourself, God, and the little corner of the earth you occupy.

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