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A Young Person's Guide to St. Joseph

St. Joseph has long been a mystery man of the Bible. Yet, he is also a powerful saint whose intercession has helped people around the world face down huge crises in their lives.

Fr. Donald Calloway has created a young person's guide to St. Joseph which is absolutely mesmerizing. The Chaste Heart of St. Joseph is a graphic novel which explores the life of the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Fr. Calloway expertly explores the heroic virtue of St. Joseph and shows why he is a model for young men. The illustrations in the book deftly bring St. Joseph to life for Generation Z. From the initial pages, the book draws the reader in, making him or her want to learn more about the foster father of Jesus.

If the young person in your life is searching for a hero, consider purchasing The Chaste Heart of St. Joseph. Chances are, your young reader will not be disappointed!

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1 Comment

Nov 06, 2023

It's surprising St. Joseph hasn't gotten the hero treatment before. This looks to be a great book! Thanks for linking to An Open Book.

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